Scheduling and Clinical Coordination

Our scheduling and clinical coordination team efficiently match the demands for our services and are the communication hub for daily clinical operations. The scheduling team gathers pertinent patient and procedure information and incorporates the data into our proprietary electronic medical record, to ensure continuity of patient information. 

Amy Gates

Amy has spent the last 4 years working on the RTNA client liaison team. In her current role, as a clinical coordinator, she puts that perspective to work by troubleshooting issues that arise for physicians and supporting onsite technicians. When Amy isn’t busy with clinical operations, you can find her working out, running, and spending time with her husband and three daughters. 

Liz Rowley

For Liz, most rewarding part of working at RTNA is being able to use her analytical and organizational skills to help maximize work/life balance for the RTNA physician group. Having spent a majority of her professional career in the medical and IOM field gaining experiences in areas such as mentoring, training, and educating clinical teams, quality assurance for clinicians, and business development, Liz brings a diverse background to the team. Previously working as a CNIM, Liz entered the field to explore her passion for Neurology, patient care, and safety. While clinical coordination is her primary job function by day, in her free time Liz enjoys reading, cooking, antiquing and spending time with her husband and two boys.  

Certifications: CNIM

Memberships: ASET, ASNM

Shannon Stevens

Shannon entered the medical field to explore her passion for helping people get back to the best version of themselves after surgery. Being a heart patient twice at 27 years old, Shannon understands what it’s like to fully rely on a surgery team to provide the best patient care possible. As an RTNA clinical coordinator, the most rewarding part of Shannon’s job is knowing that she is part of the team helping people get healthy and back to enjoying their lives. Outside of the office, you can find Shannon spending time with her family.

Hannah Turner

Hannah has spent her entire career in medicine striving to achieve the highest level of proficiency, be it as emergency medical response personnel, or as a specialized clinician in the operating room. As a member of the RTNA Clinical Coordination team, Hannah aims to use her clinical experience to foster an environment of tranquility among the doctors that contribute to the positive outcome of surgical procedures. Hannah enjoys teaching and advising new CNIM, as well as providing mentorship to those that seek to expand their knowledge base and strive to fulfill their potential as both a CNIM and a human being.  

Outside of the office, you can find Hannah with her husband and their three wonderful young gentlemen on the water, at the beach, on the baseball diamond, or enjoying a great meal!

Certifications: CNIM, R.EPT

Memberships: ASET, ABRET