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Real Time Neuromonitoring Associates (RTNA) is the country’s leading professional oversight practice in the intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring field.


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Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring and testing are used in surgical procedures that place the nervous system at risk or require identification, mapping, or testing of neural structures. Monitoring the function of neural structures at risk provides an early warning system which can prevent neurological complications. Our role is to help identify impending damage and alert the surgeon so corrective action can be taken and patient injury can be avoided.

RTNA physicians provide oversight on over 250 different types of surgeries.

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Collectively, RTNA staff serve in leadership roles with several medical organizations including ASNM, ABNM, ABRET, ASET, and ACNS as well as national committees and advisory groups. 

We are passionate about serving as a resource for regulatory and practice issues within IONM. 

Quality and Credibility.
Our Motivation is Simple.

Since 2009, RTNA has been helping clients ensure their IONM services are supported by professional oversight through our people, processes, and technology. After nine years, we can confidently say we have established a practice that is dedicated to the growth and success of the intraoperative neuromonitoring field.

Our motivation is based on three simple principles: offer clients sustainable surgery coverage that helps deliver positive patient outcomes, build a team of experts to implement services and technologies to support IONM physician oversight, and deliver on our promises to practice partners.

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